Garbage Disposal Repair

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We all know that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and keeping it clean is our garbage disposal. A good and working garbage disposal unit means lesser work and the chance of having clogs on your sink is almost impossible. So, when your unit breaks down or it suddenly stops working, call the best in the industry.  Goleta Pro Plumbers are experts when it comes to garbage disposal repair and installation. Our team can fix damaged garbage disposals and have your sink running in no time at all. We know how hard-working garbage disposal units are. They help keep our kitchen clean and tidy. However, certain problems are inevitable and we understand that it is important to have really fast and reliable service.

You call, we will fix it. Dial (805) 394-2769 for more details. We also offer maintenance services for the optimum performance of your garbage disposal unit. If you want quality yet affordable plumbing services, blocked toilet jobs, blocked drain, water heater installation services, message us through our contact form provided. Simply fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.

What are the Common Garbage Disposal Problems?

As mentioned, our garbage disposal units are like workhorses. They work around the clock, and it is normal that they will eventually stop working or will have certain problems no matter how much we take good care of them.

If you notice some of the following issues and signs with your garbage disposal, call us immediately:

  • It drains very slowly
  • Clogged or is congested
  • It hums but is not working at all
  • Your garbage disposal is not turning on
  • It leaks
  • Your unit is jammed

With years of experience in this business, our professional plumbers have fixed practically a lot of garbage disposal problems there is. From residential plumbing to commercial plumbing problems, Goleta Pro Plumbers can handle any brand and model. We assure clients that we can do the job right and on time.

To mitigate the chances of having problems with your garbage disposal, our teams at Goleta Pro Plumbers have a few tips which you can follow:

  • As much as possible, do not put any fibrous food on your garbage disposal. Foods like pasta, rice, or potato peel are a big no-no. Putting coffee grounds, oils and greases can and will also clog the drain. Thus, avoid throwing these materials and foods at your disposal. Instead of throwing them at your disposal, you can use them as compost. For oils and greases, dispose of them properly.
  • To sharpen the blades, use ice cubes. Grind them at your garbage disposal. It will not only sharpen it, but the ice cubes will also clean the blades.
  • Use lemon and orange wedges to get rid of nasty odors in your garbage disposal. Use them with the water running. You can also use natural products like vinegar and baking soda to clean your unit.   

However, your garbage disposal will eventually experience certain issues in the future, no matter how much we take good care of them. And when it does, you know who to call – Goleta Pro Plumbers.

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Do you need a fast and totally reliable garbage disposal repair service in Goleta? Let our experienced professional plumbers help you. Call us right now at (805) 394-2769 for free estimates. For questions and inquiries, you can also message us through our contact form. Just fill it out completely, and we will get back to you in a short while. 100% Customer Satisfaction guaranteed.

For residential plumbing and commercial plumbing needs, call the best in the business. Goleta Pro Plumbers always provide high-quality service at very reasonable rates. For fast plumbing services, garbage disposal repair jobs and installation, leak repairs, blocked toilets, blocked drain, water heater installation, and much more, we got you covered.

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