Blocked Toilet

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A blocked toilet is something no home or property owner wants to experience. However, sooner or later, your toilet may block. When this happens, you need a professional plumber as soon as possible to take care of the situation. Not all plumbers in Goleta can respond to your call with speed as we do. At Goleta Pro Plumbers, we come over as fast as we can when you call in for a blocked toilet.

We are a reliable plumbing company, with your plumbing issues being our top priority.  Our team will efficiently and quickly clear your blocked toilet when you give us a call at (805) 394-2769. They are equipped with modern tools that will get the work done within a short time. We turn your bad day into a good one if your toilet is blocked. Reach out to us at Goleta Pro Plumbers for quick toilet unblocking services.

A blocked toilet can cause serious problems in your home.  The odor that comes from a blocked toilet can be unbearable. The blockage will also cause water to overflow into other rooms. You will need this kind of problem fixed as soon as possible.  Our technicians are ready to come over and fix your blocked toilet in Goleta, California.

What Causes the Blockage?

Toilet blocking can be caused by a number of issues. Whatever the issue is, we can fix it and get your toilet working again.  You need to contact us ASAP when your toilet gets blocked. We will be there to unblock it and prevent any further blocking. Here are the common causes of toilet blocking.

Non-Flushable Items

Flushing a non-flushable item down your toilet will obviously cause it to block.  Such items prevent waste from flowing.  Only flushable items can go down the drain.  Items that expand when they come in contact with water or those ones that take a long time to dissolve shouldn’t be flushed. Common examples are sanitary pads and diapers.

Some paper towels can also clog your toilet if you flush them down. Consider putting them in the trash if you are not sure if they are flushable. Call us up if you flush a non-flushable item down your toilet. We will get rid of it and inspect your drain for any damage.

A Lot of Toilet Paper

Too much toilet paper will block your toilet even though it is flushable.  Flushing down a lot of toilet paper is not recommended. This is more likely to happen if your toilet has debris buildup. Flush a considerable amount of toilet paper down to prevent your toilet from blocking.

An Old Generation Toilet

An old generation toilet might be the reason behind frequent clogging.  This type of toilet is low-flush in nature and is more likely to clog when compared to modern toilet designs.  An Old generation toilet doesn’t push waste down with enough pressure. Your toilet will be prone to clogging if it is an old generation one.

Talk to us if you have an old generation toilet, and we will help. Our team will replace your old toilet with a new and efficient one.  Just give us a call at (805) 394-2769, and we will be there to give you a new toilet that won’t give you trouble.

The Main Sewer Line

A problematic main sewer line could be the reason behind frequent toilet clogging. Old drain lines are the worst when it comes to waste accumulation.  A clogged main sewer line will cause your toilet to block. Call our licensed plumbers to take care of the blockage and ensure your toilet is functioning properly.

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